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Click HERE to listen to some of the first outputs of the SCEN Music project!

Click HERE to view the installation created by Louise Rossiter and video artist Andrew Connor.



In 2011, while an MMus student at the University of Edinburgh, Louise Rossiter was selected to participate in a conference at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music as part of Electronic Music Week. She was subsequently appointed as an ambassador, and most recently Music Ambassador for the Scotland China Education Network (SCEN). The role of SCEN and its ambassadors is to promote links between Scotland and China.

In collaboration with SCEN and other partners, Louise, along with audiovisual artist Andrew Connor will be undertaking a major new sound and image project exploring the links shared between Scotland and China through the use of sound and image.

Building on SCENs mission to promote links between Scotland and China- particularly in Scottish schools- Louise will develop several new pieces of work- including a collaborative sound installation with Andrew, while Andrew will also create an audiovisual work from the materials gathered in China.

These new works will consist of:
- A sound documentary building on SCEN ambassadors’ experiences of China by asking them to reflect on the sounds they heard and then re-connecting with these sounds on location.
-New Acousmatic and Soundscape works reflecting the experience of China- providing a conduit for users to gain an insight into the exhilaratingly different sound worlds of that country.
- A interactive sound map of Beijing, Xi’an and Chengdu- as well as previously recorded sound from Shanghai.
- An interactive sound installation in collaboration with Andrew Connor and generously supported by De Montfort University Confucius Institute, Aberdeen University Confucius Institute and Scottish China Education Network. This sound installation will be a new feature for the new Confucius Institute opening in September 2013.

We want SCEN ambassadors to get involved as much as possible! Follow the Contribute link to find out how!

Click HERE to listen to explore China through sound (this section will grow when recordings are made!)

Image of the day: 14 May 2013

Happy panda chewing bamboo

Happy panda chewing bamboo


Sound of the Day- Tuesday 14 May

Today I had the honour and privilege to spend time in the company of Prof. Wang and his Pandas in Dujangyan! Here is one of the pandas panting and calling.

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